Total Protection for CRAFTY (+): Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel Case

If you're concerned about the safety of your CRAFTY (+) vaporizer and accessories on the go, we have the perfect solution for your on-the-go vaping.

Storz & Bickel have designed the exceptional Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel case for CRAFTY (+) to give optimum protection to your treasured gadget while letting you bring it anywhere. You can get your Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel case from vaping4health.

The hard shell travel case is curated with durability and convenience for the user, which is the ideal choice for those looking to keep their CRAFTY(+) secure at all times. Traveling or not, the hard shell travel case can safeguard your CRAFTY(+)  from crashes and other possible risks.

Unrivaled Protection

The Smell Proof Hard Shell travel case is explicitly designed by Storz & Bickel with a tough shell to protect your CRAFTY(+) from harm. It has a sturdy construction and shock-absorbing design to increase the intactness & functional efficiency of the device.

Then again, the travel case is also smell-proof, which confines any vaporizer odor inside, leaving your surroundings unnoticed. Whether you're at a significant occasion or in a shared apartment with non-vapers, you may now relish your vaping experience without any undesirable attention.

Storage Convenience

In the hard shell travel case, you can store accessories such as capsule magazine dosing, cleaning utensils, and the CRAFTY(+). It has specified partitions to keep your vaping supplies organized.

Smooth Maintenance

The as-designed Storz & Bickel hard shell travel cases are easy to maintain. If the zipper becomes rigid or trapped, you can smear a small quantity of Vaseline, any gel or soap on the teeth to keep it moving smoothly. Kindly refrain from using WD40, as it can create issues when used on fabrics.

Compatible with CRAFTY

As well as being compatible with CRAFTY+ vaporizers, the Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel Case is also compatible with CRAFTY vaporizers. That's why it's the perfect companion for vapers who wish to transport their device without any prior concern for damage or odor.

Stress-Free Delivery

You can now order your Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel Case from Vaping4health and can be aware of the safety & security of your CRAFTY + Carry Case wherever you go.

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We now offer free standard shipping on orders over £40 and even provide same-day shipping on orders over £100.

So, if you need an excellent protection case for your CRAFTY(+) vaporizer, order the Smell Proof Hard Shell Travel Case from Vaping4health now.

So, elevate your vaping setup with the superior Smell Proof Hard Shell travel case by uplifting to new levels of ease and protection. You can order now and enjoy the most incredible vaping sensation of life!